The Best Amazon Reviews for CTA’s iPad Toilet Paper Stand

Amazon reviews are a new form of absurd, social commentary that’s one half prose and one half satire. Fortunately for us, we love the entertainment they provide, and surprisingly, their frequently sage, insightful uses for everyday items. Take this toilet paper and iPad stand – it has four out of five stars.

Thanks to Facebook superstar, George Takei, Amazon reviews on the CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad 2/3/4 with Roll Holder have gotten a lot of attention, including my own. I’m a huge fan of reading long Amazon reviews, but this item is getting a lot of positive, albeit insincere and ironic, reviews, despite a number of seemingly honest advice on the poor quality of the product. Here’s an example of a one star review from a verified purchase:

It’s useless!

Here’s the deal, bought this for my hubby for Father’s Day. Great idea. Went together well however the one little screw that holds the ipad did not fit. The company feed back said “They are very busy and could not get to my complaint”. So my product is sitting in the living room. Without the one little screw this product is worthless. Yes I will need to go to a hardware store and have someone help me. The problem is the company refused to. (by amazon user Paula A. Mattes)

And here is a four star review of the same product:


Brilliant! Replaces my clumsy tv tray, which didn’t match my bathroom decor. I can now Skype (hands-free!) instead of trying to juggle a cell phone. Eliminates the need for a stack of magazines (unsanitary!). You can get a “Mirror” App from iTunes, great for doing my makeup in the morning! I do wish it had a cup holder, and maybe a basket or tray of sorts to hold a bag of popcorn, chicken nuggets, french fries, bowl of soup, etc. I watch a lot of streaming tv and movies, and I had to knock off one star because after 30 minutes or so my legs start to fall asleep and I have to stand and shake my legs for a few minutes to get the circulation going. But the “neck” of this stand is adjustable, so I just raise it while I’m standing, lower it when I sit back down. My toddler son LOVES THIS for potty-training with Angry Birds! (by Amazon user ohjodi)

Obviously, products like this are a target for poor toilet jokes, but there are few places on the internet where public penmanship gets this silly and impressive, just for the sake of entertainment. The word count on these are often longer than most of my daily work emails.

Here are some other favorites:

Great, and can be made portable!

I loved this so much to keep me entertained during my “downtime” that I added wheels and attached a nylon rope to it. Now I can take with me everywhere- work, traveling, shopping, etc. It is small enough to fit in my carry-on luggage for use in those tiny airplane bathrooms. Whenever I am on the “go”, I just roll this along with me and I am never bored. The only con about it is sometimes I get so involved in my Candy Crush game that I forget about time. I have lost a job and also have had to endure numb legs and indentations on my gluteus maximus from the toilet seat. These are only small annoyances compared to the benefits of the product. I highly recommend it. (by Amazon user Nolly)


Love it!

Works as advertised. I use it everyday. Very strong. Doubles as an awesome steering wheel for Real Racing 3!! Definitely a must have for every bathroom. (by Amazon user CMoney 4 Life)


Like a fine wine.