The All-New Briefing Room, Just Like The Old Briefing Room

The James S. Brady briefing room at the White House will sit largely empty for the next month, as the President vacations and much of the press corps either vacations or sits in Crawford, Texas, waiting for something to happen. Then, come Labor Day or so, everyone will return to the White House and the same briefing room they’ve always had.

You might remember it wasn’t supposed to be that way. In fact, everyone was really excited (and a little bit scared) earlier this year when it appeared that aa GSA investigation that labeled the press work area a “firetrap” might lead to some changes.

Not so much. The original timetable called for the renovations to be done this month, including replacing and cleaning up much of the workspace and its furniture, potentially adding wifi and actually making it a habitable space. But that was before. Anyone who wants to follow the project should get used to the phrase “indefinite delay.”

“You’ll probably be getting your Social Security checks before that project begins,” one source told us.

Now we don’t really expect that there’ll ever be getting a check from Social Security, but the point seems pretty clear….