The AIGA Thought Their Convention Was Pretty Sweet


The AIGA’s monthly newsletter, Communique came in today, and we just couldn’t wait to dig our graphic design-loving little paws into it. So far, the best headline: “AIGA Design Conference Successful.” Seems slightly moot — what else were they going to write? “Sorry for the Trek to Boston, Guys, the AIGA Design Conference Was a Total Flop.” Yeah, no. Here’s the official take on our wild Hynes weekend:

The AIGA Design Conference in Boston gathered 2,400 members of the design community for two and a half days of celebrating design excellence, exploring new ideas, catching up with old friends and meeting new colleagues. From Murray Moss’s opening “Ten (or So) Objects I Really Like (Today), Why” to Rep. Barney Frank’s thoughts on participating in a civic society to Ellen Lupton’s observations on typography to Paula Scher and Ben Karlin describing the process of designing “America (The Book)”, participants reveled in thought-provoking, interesting, important and motivating presentations and discussions.

Yes. We also liked celebrating excellence and watching Ellen Lupton’s type-on-type movies. All in so far. And then:

Yet, one of the most memorable aspects of the conference was the sense of community that comes from gathering with others who share values, ambitions and talents.

Sounds so happy fluffy panda nice pretty rainbow fuzzy. Don’t get us wrong — we had fun — but it struck us a little more as high school redux with paper- instead of crack- pushers.

Next time, maybe.