The AIGA Talked About The Thing No Good Wasp Is Ever Supposed To Talk About And We Don’t Mean Muffy’s Alcoholism

Every so often it occurs to us to think about money, given that all anyone in New York talks about is real estate. With every conversation in which the underlying point being that everything would be a little bit better if we had a little bit more money. But we’d never be so gauche as to actually discuss it. Thankfully the AIGA (along with Aquent) has no such qualms, and their recent salary survey of the trends in the last five years is a nice little colored graph that, to be honest, makes us weep for all design industry people, except the owner/partner ones, who we want to find and make an honest designer out of.

Ric Grefe explains it all:

The design economy is slowly recovering.


Despite what we know about salary trends, we are very confident in the future for the design profession.

Definitely enough to snow us.