The Acura ILX Just Found a Parking Space on Facebook’s Instant Games Platform

ILX Total Control allows people to control the car by tilting their smartphones

Control the car by tilting your phone Acura

Acura just drove its 2019 ILX performance sedan onto the Facebook Instant Games track.

The automaker’s social promotion of its vehicle is in full throttle following last month’s introduction of a sticker pack for Instagram Stories that enables users to customize a 2019 ILX with elements such as wheels, accessories and A-Spec packaging, as well as Giphy GIFs created with top Instagram influencers and artists.

Facebook introduced Instant Games in November 2016 as a way for people to play games on Facebook and Messenger without the need to download applications, and the platform was extended to the company’s Portal video-calling devices last month.

Acura said it turned to Facebook Instant Games in order to incorporate modern interactive web technologies, including HTML5 and WebGL, enabling people on the social network to seamlessly start up a full-screen interactive experience directly via one of the automaker’s ads on the platform without having to load an outside website or leave Facebook.

The ILX Total Control Facebook Instant Game is played by tilting the smartphone to cause the vehicle to react. Acura said, “Tilt your phone to the left, and the ILX power-drifts to the left. Spin it all the way for a 360-degree turn, or quickly move it upward for an awesome jump.”


The automaker added that many “Easter eggs” are hidden within the game.

A web version of ILX Total Control is available here.

Acura David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.