The 90s Strike Back: Baggy Jeans Brand JNCO Relaunches

Flashback Friday!!

Rejoice, ye haters of skinny jeans; your prayers have officially been answered!

But you should really be a bit more careful what you wish for.

Remember the jeans with 50-inch leg openings that could virtually double as denim tents? If you thought they’d gone the way of the dodo along with other 90’s fashion trends like crimped hair and scrunchies, get ready for a resurrection.

The JNCO brand has announced that it plans to relaunch this fall with the help of a Chinese investor. Its product offerings — including its iconic wide-leg jeans — are sure to ignite some nostalgia, though the widest leg hole will be a fairly modest 23 inches (about half the width of the most ridiculous original).

In support of the relaunch, the company also has a new website chock-full of images you’d swear are straight out of the liner notes of an album released in 1996. It also has a few hashtags ready:

#returnofthewideleg is sadly not trending…YET.

Still need some flashbacks on this Friday? Here are a couple:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if I can find my bedazzled denim jacket and marker-laden Keds; I assume it’s only a matter of time…