The 7 Best Blogs About Blogging

Every blogger has to start somewhere. Thankfully, there are no shortage of great Websites that are chock full of information that will help the amateur blogger mature into a seasoned online scribe.

With so many fly-by-night operations, here are 7 of my favorite blogs about blogging that have had serious staying power.



Australian blogger Darren Rowse has undoubtedly been responsible for the success of hundreds – if not thousands of bloggers. While the exact number might be difficult to quantify, you’d be hard pressed to find a blogger who at one time or another, did not visit Problogger to make sure they were not committing a blogging faux pas. A great job board, which is updated frequently, rounds out the experience.



The success of blogs are based on several different variables, but at the end of the day, well-written and compelling content will be the main ingredient. To that end, Copyblogger, started by copywriter Brian Clark in early 2006, can lend a hand. Whether you are looking to create a strong blog post in under 20 minutes or simply want to check the pulse of blogosphere, Copyblogger is your online home for copywriting tips for online marketing success.



BH is your source for news that pertains to blogging. Whether it’s a story about an unjust blogger jailing in Iran or a review of the latest Web-based blogging tool, the site is updated several times a day and does a great job of keeping busy blogger informed on what’s happening around them on a global scale.

Disclosure: Your humble blogger writes for BlogHerald several times a week.


There might not be an Internet celebrity that can polarize people the way John Chow can. If you’re looking to turn a profit with your blog, and are willing to resort to almost any tactic to make some money, is for you. Love him or hate him, the man makes over $40,000 a month from his blog. The man is shameless. So get ready for pop-ups, peelaways and every other ad trick in the book. If you can navigate through the noise, there are actually some great tips hidden amongst the “evil.”



Covering blogging basics, link tips and domain name information, DailyBlogTips is one of those sites that you’ll want to visit on a daily basis. The strongest feature might be Bloggers Face Off” a double interview with two “successful” bloggers. This is the spot where you can glean information from some of the Web’s brightest stars; and who better to learn from than folks who have already ‘made it’ as bloggers.


Based in Poland, and unafraid to say it like it is, Andy Beard puts out a great blog that can help you optimize and market your blog for the masses. Read about tips, memes, WordPress and link building. All posts are thought out and well-written. Expect to enjoy the read and learn something along the way.



News, plugins and themes for blogging applications

You’ll find useful reviews of blogging products along with a ton of information on the WordPress blogging platform.

YOUR TURN: Which blogs about blogging do you enjoy? Please share your picks in the comments section below.