The 5 Best Tablets To Give For Christmas

Apple is no longer the only game in town when it comes to tablets. To help you navigate through the sea of tablets out there on the market, we’ve put together a list of our favorite tablets out there in the market this season.

1. iPad 2, $499: While iPads are more expensive than the competition, Apple is the original tablet maker and the iPad is magical. And since apps were first invented for iTunes, Apple’s got the edge when it comes to app content though Android is quickly catching up.

2. Sony Tablet S, $499: Beautifully designed, this Wi-Fi enabled Android tablet has a 9.4″ screen and the bonus feature of USB and SD card support.

3. Kindle Fire, $199. It’s screen is only 7 inches, but it’s cheap. And it’s part of the Amazon ecosystem, which means its got lots of content for competitive prices. It’s got Amazon’s Silk web browsing platform, and Netflix, Hulu and Pandora apps for movie and music streaming.

4. Nook Tablet, $249: Aside from books, Barnes & Noble’s new 7-inch touchscreen Android tablet has movie streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, and it’s designed for optimized children’s book and magazine reading. One cool feature is a microphone, so that you can record your voice to make your own narrations in kids books.

5. Kobo Vox, $199: Kobo’s 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet has got a great price without tying readers into the Amazon ecosystem. It’s got Zinio magazines and lots of kids books as well.

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