Thanks to the U.S. Government Shutdown, We Now Introduce ‘Antisocial Media’

The U.S. Capitol is in gridlock (so what’s new): its employees are on forced furlough, America doesn’t understand why we can’t all just get along, and we have to wade through a swamp of secondary news stories about the side-effects, like what’s closed.

We have already seen the ballyhoo over national parks padlocking their gates. And now, we get another casualty from all this bickering – no one on these agencies’ communications teams is manning Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever else works in D.C. right now.

According to the linked story by, dormant social media entities include NASA, U.S. Capitol, Statue of Liberty, National Zoo, LBJ Library, the National Science Foundation and FAA.

Pity, and just when I wanted to start following panda births, grants to Bill Nye’s quest on DWTS, Lady Liberty squawking about the malodorous water in the Harbor and flight plans of the destitute and anonymous.

However, this is troubling.


AsteroidWatch?! Seriously? The hell, Government? Anyone see ‘Armageddon,’ ‘2012,’ or even ‘The Day After Tomorrow’? Good thing I follow The Weather Channel’s major domo Jim Cantore. He will certainly be in the Montana trailer park when the big one hits.

Crisis averted.