Thank You Google+ Hangouts… I Can Finally Watch Synced YouTube Videos with My Friends

Yup, as if Google+ wasn’t great enough already, with the smart grouping Circles, and easy integration with other services, their new Hangout service lets you easily set up a chat room for you and whoever you want.  That’s well and good, I hear you say, but it’s one of those things that’s best to just try.  When you get your best friends into one of these Hangouts, and you each can each take your turn choosing our favorite YouTube videos, things get cool.

Here’s a screenshot of the experience.  I strongly recommend you get a few friends and give this a shot.  The problem is that it may even further reduce your need to go over and visit your buddies.

You can see here that we’re able to chat, watch the videos together, video/audio chat (which we weren’t doing) and more.   If one person moves to a certain part of the video, all the other people will head there too, so you can comment on awesome parts of the video together.

A few notes:

  • Sometimes one person will be watching and their video will just freeze, and the ‘loading’ icon will appear in the middle.  Just click the YouTube icon at the bottom and click it again to refresh the video at the spot where everyone else is.
  • This is great for people that work online.  Leave it on in the background with your 5 buddies, and each one can take their turns playing music and you get a playlist of your friends’ favorite songs.

Let us know what else you use Hangouts for in the comments!