Test Your Sleuthing Skills with ‘CSI:The Mobile Game’

Thanks to Gameloft, you don’t need anything more than a cell phone to visit grisly crime scenes in Las Vegas. The mobile game publisher has partnered with CBS on “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation – The Mobile Game,” an interactive game based on the popular CBS series.

CSI Mobile.gifIn a new twist to mobile games, characters in the game place actual phone calls to the players to provide help with their sleuthing. According to Cyriac Roeding, executive VP of CBS Mobile, “Your cell phone rings, and a detective calls you to the scene – just like a real CSI detective.”

Players can opt to activate the interactive call feature when they sign up. If they do, they receive a specialized call during the game for clues and tips that lead them to new crime scenes.

Anthony Zuiker, who created the “CSI” franchise, worked with CBS Mobile to develop the game’s plot.