Ten Reasons to Take an Event on the Road

The view from the road -- a sculpture in Madison Square Park. Photo: Nancy Lazarus

Bus tours are not just for politicians as Jeff Keni Pulver proved when he took his 140 Conference to the streets and waterways of New York on Wednesday. Pulver said he wanted to offer attendees “a change of scenery, a chance to socialize with a smaller group and an opportunity to be a tourist and learn more about their own city.”

Holding conferences and learning while traveling has long been popular on cruise ships, where passengers can take courses on themes ranging from business to art history.

For those planning events or conferences, we’ve outlined ten reasons to consider making them mobile.

  • It offers a novelty factor that differentiates it from other events
  • There is more attendee interaction throughout the day
  • It’s more scenic since attendees are not stuck in a conference room
  • It offers attendees an occasion to see their city with a fresh perspective
  • There’s  a chance to see many sights if you can’t decide on one location
  • It provides better photo opportunities
  • There are no Powerpoint presentations
  • Speakers can’t arrive late
  • There is a better chance for Wi-Fi reception since there are several stops along the way
  • It can provide a more memorable experience overall

Of course, making an event mobile also opens up a separate can of logistical worms, such as lunch arrangements and dependence on favorable weather conditions. But if all goes according to plan, you could have a unique experience on your hands.

As an added bonus, we did spot a minor celebrity on our travels: Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was getting out of an SUV in midtown (with license plate marked “1.”)