Ten 140-Character Job Openings

Think you could sum up your job description in 140 characters?

Recently, the Wisconsin Law Journal posted a job opening for a full-time reporter on JournalismJobs.com, and used just 134 characters to do so.

In the same spirit of brevity, SHIFT Communications started compiling an entire page of tweet-length job listings, both at the agency itself and its clients.

First of all, here’s the Wisconsin Law Journal job listing, per PR Daily:

“If you’re a reporter who asks ‘Why?’ more often than a 5-year-old, get in touch with me right away at caley.clinton@wislawjournal.com.”

And, in a similar vein, here are ten 140-character job openings for your reading (and possibly applying) pleasure:

Jobs at SHIFT

– “If you can juggle flaming chainsaws while herding cats, become an Account Director at SHIFT

– “Do more sources have you in their contact list than you do sources? We need you as a Senior Account Executive!”

– “Can you pitch a shutout better than the Major Leagues? Join SHIFT as an Account Executive”

– “Are your media opp sleuthing skills better than Sherlock Holmes? If so, we need you as an Account Coordinator”

– “Cultural minister. Smoke jumper. Sales pro. Leader. This you? Join SHIFT as a Vice President”

Jobs at SHIFT’s Clients

– “Like IT security? @Trusteer is hiring for a consumer marketing manager in #Boston: http://bit.ly/13v4Ozn”

– “Get out your camouflage makeup and ghillie suit! @Axway wants an experienced guerrilla marketer for VP of Corporate MarCom: http://ow.ly/kTCVf” — calling bluff on this one; longer than 140!

– “Passionate? Driven? Energetic? @Rapid7 seeks Product Marketing Manager: http://bit.ly/Yti5qM”

– “Want to work for a cutting-edge NY startup? @Brightboxcharge is hiring a software engineer to keep phones juiced: http://bit.ly/YtO4H7”

– “Know email? @Mimecast is growing its offices in North America, South Africa & the UK: http://ow.ly/jF84g”

Read the full list of 140-character job openings over on SHIFT’s site.