Telly announces My Telly, delivers videos based on user’s social graph

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Social video network Telly today announced its latest update to its service, My Telly, a new approach for users to discover video. My Telly surfaces videos based on a user’s social graph by looking at what their group of friends and family are watching, commenting on, liking or posting on Telly, Facebook or Twitter.Telly logo

“Many people are passively curating video by watching, commenting, and liking, and when you start to look at those actions, it really increases the amount of video that you have to serve to a particular user and it’s a more engaging experience,” says Mike Cieri, Telly’s head of product. “Being able to look at all signals that a user is taking makes more videos to be surfaced for our customers.”

Telly was once TwitVid, a platform-based video sharing service for Twitter, but rebranded in June 2012 with the launch of the Telly website followed by an iOS app then an Android app. Last week, Telly officially replaced TwitVid.

Under the hood, Telly’s algorithm looks at the people a user follows to see what they watch, like, comment on and more, taking into account when those actions happen when returning results to the user. The algorithm also looks at whether the video is something a user has already seen before or not, and the strength of the relationship between a user and a particular person they follow.Telly MyTelly mobile app

Since launching Telly in 2012, its user base has doubled to seven million from the 3.5 million users it already had from TwitVid, with mobile contributing significantly to the growth, according to Cieri. He adds that Telly is seeing almost as much traffic on mobile as it does on web.

Telly’s isn’t only for video discovery on mobile, the app allows users to shoot video and upload existing video from their camera roll.

Currently, Telly is free to use on web and mobile, but doesn’t monetize right now. An idea Telly CEO Mo Al Adham says that the company is looking into for monetizing is promoted videos that would be delivered based on user activity, with the hope that the video ad would be enjoyed, and theoretically liked.

Telly has raised $10 million in equity to date from investors including Draper Fischer Jurvetson (DFJ) and Azure Capital Partners.