Tell Off Your Boss and Hop on Facebook

According to a report out today, approximately 70 percent of employers “have banned social network sites, such as Facebook.” This is a substantial number. I once worked as the Chief Technology Officer at a company that restricted the websites employees could visit. I didn’t make it long at that organization. According to the research 79 percent of “employers have disciplined staff for using social networking sites.”

The ironic thing is that 12 percent of bosses check their Facebook status on a regular basis. We need to get those bosses on Twitter! During the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Las Vegas yesterday, over 80 percent of people polled said don’t ban Facebook at work. I don’t think that was quite surprising given the conference that the poll was taken at.

I have been seeing people on Twitter though that say they are banned from Facebook. Honestly, anyone that needs to have more digital social interaction can just add Twitter to their phone and add a few hundred followers and they’ll be good to go. Have you been banned from social networks at your job? Do you have your computer use monitored by your boss?