Television Takes Over Our List of Top 20 Facebook Pages

Television literally took over our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages this week, or since our last such post Thursday, when TV shows also made up a significant part of the list.

Eight of the 20 top Pages, compiled courtesy of Inside Facebook’s PageData tool, were television shows this week, thanks to some hefty Page consolidation that occurred on April 21, 23 and 24.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Family Guy 3,249,287 +353,541 +12.21
2. Texas Hold’em Poker 17,460,949 +329,882 +1.93
3. House 3,499,961 +224,807 +6.86
4. Mafia Wars 11,977,985 +188,348 +1.60
5. Justin Bieber 3,019,457 +161,492 +5.65
6. The Office 1,501,438 +158,079 +11.77
7. Lost 2,097,689 +152,876 +7.86
8. South Park 3,867,550 +152,712 +4.11
9. LETTERS TO JULIET 172,399 +144,896 +526.84
10. Reba McEntire 270,627 +135,509 +100.29
11. Walmart 1,006,938 +122,820 +13.89
12. Desperate Housewives 555,300 +118,362 +27.09
13. Two and a Half Men 1,907,230 +116,794 +6.52
14. Facebook 8,303,857 +116,087 +1.42
15. Scrubs 2,127,938 +115,312 +5.73
16. Antanas Mockus 418,680 +104,465 +33.25
17. Red Bull 2,665,206 +101,157 +3.95
18. Titanic 2,137,704 +98,679 +4.84
19. Taylor Swift 3,819,421 +95,296 +2.56
20. Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III 1,357,055 +90,085 +7.11

Could this be a part of Facebook’s push to reserve Pages for businesses and brands and have fans create Community Pages, instead? Perhaps it has picked TV shows as the first category to consolidate all unofficial Pages for. That could make sense, given that entertainment Pages have generally been more successful than other categories on Facebook. Or, maybe all the growth can be accounted for by very precise Facebook ad campaigns, effective use of the company’s new plugins, or other factors? Here’s a look at some of the TV Pages’ growth.

At the top of the list in first place was the show “Family Guy,” which benefited from the aforementioned Page consolidations to the tune of almost 300,000 across the three days. Its total fan base growth as of a week ago was 353,500, so it seems like that three-day push really gave this Page the edge this week.

But before moving on to the other seven TV show Pages it’s worth mentioning that Zynga’s top games have fan Pages still high on the list:  Texas Hold’em Poker at number 2 and Mafia Wars in fourth place. Both Pages had steady growth over the past few days.

House” came in third place, adding about 200,000 fans through the three days of consolidations and a total of 224,800 during the past week. In sixth place was “The Office,” which added 138,000 fans during the three days and a total of 158,000 since last week. “Lost” was in seventh place and added about 133,000 fans, growing a total of about 152,800 fans since last week.

South Park” was in eighth place, also benefiting from Page consolidations, but probably also from controversy over a recent episode that drew protests from Muslims and affiliated groups for depicting the prophet Mohammed. “Desperate Housewives” came in at number 12, growing by 104,000 fans during the three days and a total of 118,000 during the past week. “Two and a Half Men” followed at number 13, benefiting from the surges to add just under 117,000 fans (albeit Charlie Sheen is still in the news with his marital troubles) and “Scrubs” came in at number 15, also with the surges, growing by about 115,300 fans during the past seven days.

A couple movies were on the list, too. “Letters to Juliet,” a new romantic movie that’s been running homepage ads added about 145,000 fans with steady growth and “Titanic,” circa 1997, landed at number 18 — big growth of 98,700 fans thanks to those three days of Page consolidations.

Three singers also made the list this week.

Teen superstar Justin Bieber landed the number 5 spot, adding more than 161,000 fans with steady growth, even as he globe trotted to Australia, where the police canceled a show after fans were injured in the crowd. Reba McEntire, whose Page grew recently, made the list at number 10; perhaps this has to do with her turn as a host for the Academy of Country Music Awards show. Taylor Swift landed at number 19, thanks to some Page consolidation, her popularity and the fact that she’s on tour.

Rounding out the list was Walmart at number 11 with steady growth, thanks in part to a homepage ad campaign that helped add 122,800 fans. Facebook’s Page took the number 14 spot, with 116,000 new fans, Colombian presidential contender Antanas Mockus grew by almost 105,000 new fans to take number 16, Red Bull followed at 17 with small surges from consolidations to add more than 101,000 fans.

Finally, Philippine presidential frontrunner Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III’s Page took the number 20 spot after growing by more than 90,000 fans. This seems to be quite a feat, considering that his Page was shut down after being hacked into. The hacker began deleting Aquino’s fans and consequently the Page is no longer up. Aquino has consistently pulled ahead of his fellow candidates in the race for Facebook fans; the Filipino presidential election is set for May 10.

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