TekTrak Pro: Track Down a Lost or Stolen iPhone for a One-Time $4.99 Fee

Video courtesy of ceroz

If you work for a company with central management of smartphone assests, you can remotely manage and even disable a lost or stolen phone. If you have an iPhone and are willing to pay $100 per year for the MobileMe service, that service includes the ability to find and manage your lost or stolen iPhone. But, what if you don’t really need MobileMe’s other features and don’t want to pay $100 per year to deal with a lost phone?

TekTrak is launching a $4.99 a year service and iPhone app today that may address that need. And, for a limited time, you can get this service for a one-time fee of $4.99. You can find this $4.99 iPhone app here.

TekTrak Pro

The app and service provides the following features:

– Real time web based location tracking of your phone’s location.
– Location history of your phone – where it was and when.
– Runs in the background, ensuring GPS is not continuously on, draining the battery.
– Remotely ring or send push notifications to your phone.
– Checks location at predetermined time intervals, and can be adjusted to continuous or hour-long periods as well.