Teen Vogue Meets Teen Hollywood


The October issue of Teen Vogue is all about Young Hollywood, and thus, right up our alley. Young means everyone from Dakota Fanning (really young in Marc Jacobs boots) to Nick Cannon. FBLA was astonished to learn that there’s a heart-throb named Taylor Kitsch. One longs for the days of the studio system. The cover story on Rachel Bilson tells us that she reads with a purpose:

“I just finished Looking for Alaska, this novel that [O.C. creator] Josh Schwartz is actually writing a screenplay of,” she explains. “It’s a really heartfelt story.”

Teen Vogue is definitely a smartly laid-out book; the writing is a tich on the squeal! side, but it’s not as vapid as it could be. (It’s actually better written than the adult version.) The real people section takes a look at the style of Madison Brigode, who’d already been exposed as a Mary-Kate connection. But there’s a good service piece on breast cancer, and a warning about abusive relationships that wouldn’t go amiss in some other womens’ mags.

One tiny little eye-catcher makes a grown-up reader pause–Kim Cattrall has written a teen advice book. Thrice divorced, Cattrall first wrote Satisfaction with her then-husband, Mark Levinson, in which she confided she’d not had an orgasm until she met him. This book purports to be the advice from an “older sister”. Cattrall turned 50 in August, so make that an “old-enough-to-be-your-mother” sister.

FBLA doesn’t expect Teen Vogue to recommend Dawn Eden‘s book, but is there no middle ground? Teen Vogue could just say no to some celebrities.

The kids of the famous, Zelda Williams and the A-Z twins of Cybill Shepard, seem harmless enough. Cybill’s, uh, colorful, life is barely touched upon–the Teen Vogue subscriber in FBLA’s world didn’t know who she was. Sic transit….