Just How Much Did Going Viral Change Ted Williams’ Life?

Nobody started 2011 out on a better note than Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden. Check out the heartwarming story of his first week of fame after the jump.

Nobody started 2011 out on a better note than Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice whose life was changed forever thanks to a viral video. The video, shot by a videographer from the Columbus Dispatch, a local newspaper in Ohio, went viral just one week ago and has already thrown Williams into a whirlwind of new opportunities and a brand new life. So just how much did a viral video change Williams’ life? From job offers to Late Night and Today Show appearances and a reunion with his mother, Williams’ life has changed a heck of a lot. Read on for the full story (and a heartwarming story it is!).

Going Viral & First Reactions

It all started with a sign that read, “I have a God given gift of voice. I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.” Intrigued by the sign, Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth asked to hear this golden voice and it inspired him to create a video about Williams and upload it to YouTube. In less than two days the video took off and Williams was skyrocketed into overnight stardom. The original video has been removed from YouTube, due to a copyright claim from The Dispatch. However, you can check out the January 5 interview below from CBS’ The Early Show, which includes clips from the original video as well Williams’ initial response to what has happened to him.

Reuniting With His Mother

Following the interview above, Williams headed to the airport to try to fly to New York to be reunited with his 90-year old mother, who he hadn’t seen for twenty years. Unfortunately, he did not have the proper identification and was unable to board the plane. However, the following day he was able to make it to New York, with help from The Today Show and The Early Show and was reunited with his mother on January 6. Check out the full reunion video here and watch clips, along with an interview on The Today Show with Williams and his mother below. Warning: This one’s a real tear-jerker!

Before being reunited with his mother, Williams also got the chance to kick off The Today Show on NBC as well as to take part in an interview. I can’t help but smile when I see Williams talk. This event has truly been life changing for him and he can’t hide his excitement. I only hope that things will calm down a little bit for him, as this is a lot of excitement for him to handle, after years on the street.

Reuniting With Dispatch Videographer

The same day that Williams was reunited with his mother he was also reunited with the videographer that paved his way to success, Doral Chenoweth, on MSNBC’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.

Job Offers

Since the video went viral, Williams has been bombarded with job offers. He has already gotten voiceover work from MSNBC’s Lean Forward campaign and Kraft, and has been offered a full-time voiceover work job and a house by the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team. He has not yet accepted the Cleveland Cavaliers deal and is just trying to take one day at a time for now, as he has a lot being thrown at him right now.

Williams has already done voiceover work for MSNBC, and recorded his first television commercial spot, a voiceover for Kraft, which he recorded on January 7 and premiered over the weekend during the 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on ESPN. Check out the commercial spot below, as well as a video of Williams recording. It seems like he’s settling right back down into the swing of things.

Comedy Relief

Williams also got the chance to appear on Jimmy Fallon on January 6, for a little bit of comedy relief after a long day of reunions and interviews. He makes Jimmy laugh when he admits to having a little bit of a man-crush on The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, saying “he brings the female out in me!”

As you can see it has been one crazy whirlwind week for Ted Williams. On January 7 The Early Show summed up the first few days of Williams’ newfound fame. Embedding has been disabled, but you can watch the video on YouTube here. From reuniting with his mother to getting himself off the street with some of the most sought-after job offers in the world, it looks like Williams has no where to go from here but up and we’re wishing him all the best! What do you think of Williams and his skyrocket into voiceover celebrity?