Ted Cruz Applies for Another Job with…The Simpsons

He'd make a great Flanders, though.

Based on the latest CNN poll regarding the clown car pulling up outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, GOP hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t faring so well. And in case the civil servant role doesn’t pan out for a good retirement plan, Cruz finds himself considering his future, or possibly even a moonlighting gig.

But who knew that involved a voice-over gig and a big load of #PRFail?

The opportunity came when Harry Shearer (voice of the beloved Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns) decided he was retiring and an epiphany happened for the Texas senator…Ted Cruz is trying out for The Simpsons.

In a desperate plea for attention an attempt to strike a chord with the more moderate voting base, Cruz auditioned with BuzzFeed.

“I have been told many times I have a face for radio, and I have a face for animation,” he says, following a run through of some credible (and not-so-credible) favorite voices from the show.

So, how’d it go?

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean shared in a statement, “He didn’t ask permission, we don’t endorse a specific candidate, and probably most disappointing for him, he’s not getting the part.”

Outcome aside, this video is exccccccccccellent!

[PHOTO MASH-UP: AP Photo, AP Graphics]