Tech Roundup: Milano Tweets for NHL; Balloonduck is Officially Live

-From the “I’m not sure I like this” file:  The National Hockey League allowed Who’s The Boss? actress Alyssa Milano to take over its Twitter handle during a Stanley Cup playoff game between the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes. The one-time Charmed witch is supposedly a perfect fit for celebrity Twitter takeover, because, um … she likes hockey?

It’s the first time the NHL has agreed to this kind of celebritweeter, sources say. Under the #AskAlyssa hashtag, fans asked nagging questions such as “@NHL Hi @Alyssa_Milano! In what universe would you think female hockey fans wanted rhinestones on NHL apparel?” and “Alyssa Milano is taking over @NHL tonight? Then there’s only one question to ask. Who exactly was the boss?”

-Tweets have made their way on to Factiva. The Dow Jones company has announced that it will curate Twitter content in to its offerings for 31 industries, such as energy, financial services, and technology. Get Tweets – the good, the bad, and the ugly – (will it include gems like this? )  through Factiva Snapshot, which is a business search tool on the service.

-Mix Twitter with Pinterest and what have you got? Balloonduck, a social network where you can ask questions of other users about items. The site has officially gone live and has accepted 1,500 requests for invites. The network promises to be less of a time-suck than Facebook as users chat about all kinds of things via requests. So, it’s essentially less of a commitment and another place to cruise around when watching TV, like when Criminal Minds gets boring and they call someone an “Unsub” more times than is remotely believable.

-Missed your CrossFit WOD? New York’s PumpOne, a digital fitness training library, has taken it up a notch and launched, a site and app, full of on-demand fitness videos. A one-month Plus membership is free with registration. Good for those of us who want to work out sans snickering audience.

-Keeping up with other brands on Facebook just got a little easier. HubSpot created an app to track Facebook fan growth versus the competition. The dashboard-type web app is based on HubSpot’s Marketing Grader tool, and can give marketers insights on how growth is occurring, and at what speed.

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