Tech Roundup: Executives Fear Video Leaks; Cision Adds Search Tools

-Cision has released Seek or Shout, a new online community for journalists, bloggers, freelancers, and PR and marketing professionals that allows those writing stories to connect with sources and calls attention to those with published content. The Cision Media Database has also introduced new search tools to help filter results, pull media data, and build media lists faster.

PR Newswire has launched PR Newswire… for bloggers, a resource for bloggers (of course) and other “self-publishers.” The goal is to provide resources and added visibility to the growing number of people publishing on the Web. In addition, PR Newswire will also review five new blogs per week.

Cint has expanded its reach in to the Asia Pacific region through a number of research panel partnerships. Businesses that want to gather opinions in the Asia Pacific region now have access to over 1 million people through the Cint OpinionHUB.

-And finally, San Bruno, California’s Qumu, maker of online video streaming products, released an executive survey that found executives most fear employees leaking embarrassing videos of them.

The April 2012 Business Video Behavior Project, which looked at the topic of employee-generated content in the enterprise, also found that more than half of executives (51 percent) are concerned that employees will upload irresponsible content to the company network (hello Domino’s). And 12 percent of executives even admit they worry about employees uploading embarrassing videos of them from company parties. (Here’s an idea: don’t act the fool at company parties to begin with).

But even though that keeps them up at night, 100 percent of those same executives say they’ve never seen an inappropriate video actually get posted. In fact, the opposite proved to be true. The survey found that employee-produced company videos have been useful (38 percent), appropriate (35 percent), and 73 percent say that employee generated videos have increased their productivity to some degree.

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