Tech Round Up: No One Checks In; Zuckerberg Exposed

-I must live in a super-techie area or know a lot of hypercheckers, because according to Forrester Research, only 2 percent of adults use apps like Foursquare to check-in at restaurants, stores, or places they roam. This is a fraction of the just 30 percent of mobile phone users who have even heard of the apps. So why do I get an alert every time a fellow mom goes to Target? I’m changing my settings.

-Speaking of oversharing, on to the king of oversharing, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This story says his own precious site’s flaws allowed access to the young billionaire’s own private photos. Whoops! This could have been more fun if his private photos were interesting.

-I’ll stick with FaceTime, thanks: Facebook’s messaging service is about to get an overhaul and move in to the world of video chat, if you believe it. I hope the bugs are fixed.

-San Francisco’s StumbleUpon has survived a logo and site redesign, without hysteria or a public whipping like this or this. The site added channels, including ones for A-lister Nicole Kidman and rich tech guy Mark Suster.

-To elaborate on this morning’s item on The Ticker, Flipboard has launched an iPhone app.