Tech Industry Forgets iPhone, Wonders About New iPods

What iPhone? Apparently, that device is so two weeks ago. Apple 2.0, among other tech blogs, have now set their sights on a possible update to the now-venerable iPod.

“Now the question is not if but when Apple will release it’s long-rumored 6th generation video iPod with a tiny version of [Macintosh operating system] OS X on the inside and a big touch-sensitive screen on the outside,” said Apple 2.0 blogger Philip Elmer-DeWitt. He reports that on Monday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said to expect a multi-touch iPod by January 2008 at Macworld.

A new iPod with a larger touch-screen would be great for watching movies on the go. In the past, however, larger portable video players like the ones made by Archos, iriver, and Creative haven’t sold nearly as well as iPods. Nevertheless, a new iPod that’s the same size as the current model, but with more screen real estate and a much lower price than the iPhone, could give a boost to Apple’s sagging movie sales.

Countdown to the Touchscreen iPod [Apple 2.0]