Team Chaos digs for riches in I Dig It: Journey to the Core on iOS


Team Chaos has released its newest game on iOS devices, I Dig It: Journey to the Core. The game was developed in partnership with InMotion Software, developers of the original I Dig It franchise and Tiny Tales. In I Dig It: Journey to the Core, users are challenged with digging into the Earth to uncover treasures and unimaginable wealth.

The level-based experience sees players using their mining equipment to collect “diggins,” or pieces of ore, debris and other materials from under the earth’s surface. Each level has a goal for the types and quantities of items players must collect, but the vehicle itself limits this progress, typically, to taking multiple trips underground to complete them all.

For instance, the game’s starting “digger” machine can hold three items, like soda cans, pieces of coal or lapis, nails or horseshoes (as examples). Players must travel back to the surface to drop off these items before collecting more, with all movement and digging slowly draining the digger’s fuel supply.

What’s more, each level contains three stars buried within the earth, which may see players digging (and spending fuel) in some out-of-the-way places to collect them all. Finally, players must watch their life bars, as underground water pockets, lava and the like can drown or otherwise destroy the player / digger.

Gamers can replay stages to go after lost stars, or earn more money from the “diggins” they collect. This money is then used to upgrade the digging machines with better engines for faster movement, a larger cockpit for carrying more diggins at once, better treads for increased health, and more.

At launch, the game offers 100 procedurally generated levels and five unique diggers for collection and upgrading. These levels are different each time gamers begin, with a varied layout of diggins and obstacles to keep players on their toes.

I Dig It: Journey to the Core is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.