TBG Launching Facebook Ads Management Dashboard Today

tbg-logoLast week, we covered two of the first tools built on the Facebook Ads API to come to market. Now, London-based TBG, who manages the Facebook accounts of some of Europe’s biggest brands, is announcing its own new Facebook Ads management console, called ONE Media Manager.

TBG’s new service lets advertisers use automated tools to manage their Facebook Ads campaigns, instead of having to manage everything manually. Before, whenever advertisers wanted to create, edit, start, or stop ads, they had to do so manually. Now, they can use TBG’s new tool to manage ads on a campaign or ad group level – and advertisers can optimize bids and daypart automatically. In addition, the tool allows advertisers to manage their spend on a CPA basis as well, not just the CPC or CPM options afforded by Facebook’s own self-serve interface.

ONE Screenshot - Ad Scheduler

According to Simon Mansell, Managing Director at TBG London, 35 customers will be going live by the end of this week, and some advertisers have seen over 10x improvements in campaign results in testing thus far. Mansell says the company will offer customers the options of licensing the tools for in-house use, or having TBG manage their spend.

Currently, TBG works with brands like Vodafone, Optical Express, and Experian’s Credit Expert in the UK. Mansell the company will soon be expanding its efforts in the US early next year.

ONE Screenshot - Campaign Builder