Target Donates $1 Million To Educational Causes On Facebook

Target’s Super Love Sending Facebook campaign has now come to an end and $1 million was donated to the winning charities. Target launched the marketing campaign with a philanthropic twist at the start of this month. The company decided to theme the campaign around Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. Participants had the option to vote for their favorite charity, if they send a customized video card to their friends – thereby making the campaign grow virally.

The campaign lasted for two weeks and enabled Target to reach more than 900,000 facebook fans, who together sent out 26,000 Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl themed cards to friends and family.

Target’s Charity Giveaway is different from the Chase Community Giveaway in a sense that Target will be splitting the donation between the five selected charities on the basis of the votes that they received during the campaign. The Chase Community Giveaway on the other hand allowed users to vote for the charity of their choice, and donated $1 million to the charity that received the most votes. Further more, unlike Target’s campaign, the Chase Community Giveaway had a list of 1,000 charities to vote for.

Target will distribute the $1 million to the five charities as follows:

  • Kids In Need Foundation – 12 percent of votes = $120,000
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® – 49 percent of votes = $490,000
  • The Salvation Army – 8 percent of votes = $80,000
  • United Through Reading® Military Program – 22 percent of votes = $220,000
  • United Way – 9 percent of votes = $90,000

Target selected all the 5 charities, due to their work in the area of education. St. Jude, the charity that received the most funds, will be using the money to support the hospital’s groundbreaking research and lifesaving care, including The St. Jude School Program – that is specially granted by Target. Target’s campaign is yet another example of brands using Facebook to launch marketing and brand building campaigns, that also aim to support charitable causes.

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