Tapjoy says its Android network now reaches 25M users, while it publishes 130 apps

Tapjoy, a company that helps mobile developers monetize their apps, says its reach on Android has now grown to 25 million monthly active users. It also now publishes more than 130 apps through an Android fund it launched earlier this year that was designed to bring popular iOS titles over to Google’s mobile platform.

Tapjoy launched the fund amid a tumultuous time for the company. It was shortly after Apple dealt a blow to the company’s iOS business by cracking down on offer walls.

So Tapjoy tried to speed up its diversification across multiple platforms by launching a $5 million fund to finance ports of promising iOS titles to Android. Developers in the fund get financing to move their titles to Android either through help from Tapjoy’s own staff or recommended contractors. They also get discounted or free distribution through Tapjoy’s network, which cross-promotes apps across other ones.

Since then, the company has signed games like MachineWorks Northwest’s 3D Hunting™: Alaskan Hunt, which has more than 1 million users. It also snagged Duke Nukem, and Overkill from the Czech Republic’s Craneballs Studios’, which has more than 900,000 users. The company also mentioned games from from CerebralFix, Sneaky Games, SkyVu, Bushi-Go, Galatea, Candella Software, Liv Games, Mention Mobile, Veraxon, Digital Harmony, PixoFactor and Stark Apps.

Now the company is boasting that it’s one of the largest publishers of mobile games to date — which would support another revenue stream for it beyond offers and incentivized video ads.