Taking Out the (Lighthearted) Trash 9.09.05

Some final notes:

  • ABC’s “This Week” might have scored the Sunday “get” of the week, with an exclusive interview with wunderkind Barack Obama sitting down with George Stephanopoulos. It will be Obama’s first Sunday appearance since taking office in January, and it comes during a week where he made news as race became a central issue in the Hurricane Katrina story.

  • You think? “Conservative Pundits Reluctant to Criticize Bush’s Katrina Response.

  • Blame Game: The Movie.

  • Dan Rather is not a big fan of Sept. 9.

  • And there were some feisty folks on washingtonpost.com’s chats today. Quotes after the jump.

    From a chat with the Washington Post’s Robert Kaiser:

    Columbus, Ohio: It is my understanding that you have been employed by The Washington Post for decades, and yet you are only an associate editor. Since you are getting on in years, is there any chance you’ll get a more reputable position soon?

    Terry Neal also fielded a curveball:

    Potomac, Md.: Get something straight: it is TREASONOUS to criticize the President during wartime. That undermines the President and thus the country. Learn from your peer Kyra Phillips–her interview with Democrat Party member Pelosi was a paragon of journalistic objectivity and patriotism in dealing with a terrorist sympathizer.

    But Terry’s chat was mostly (even suspiciously) full of love today, leaving us with only one thing to say: Mrs. Neal, we know you love your son and all but please find better things to do with your free time.

    New Rochelle, N.Y.: Your appearance on the Chris Matthews show last Sunday was terrific…Keep it up Terry!

    New York, N.Y.: I have to tell you your last column was spot on

    Los Angeles, Calif.: Hey Terry, First off I’m a big fan of your writing in The Post.

    Arlington, Va.: Terry, just had to write in and say how much I heart you. Your columns lately have been outstanding. Thanks for being a voice of reason in these uncertain times!

    No word on how many of those entries were submitted by Neal himself.