Take to the Tables in Pool Live Pro on Facebook

pool live pro 650

If you’re looking for a new billiards game on Facebook, Ganymede’s Pool Live Pro is available to play for free. According to the developer, the game is the No. 3 pool game on Facebook with over one million monthly active users, as well as 150,000 daily active players. In the game, players have access to multiple varieties of pool, which more in the works for future release.

When starting Pool Live Pro, users begin in “Pool 8” mode, and are required to unlock an additional mode using chips, the game’s free currency (which can also be purchased instantly). In each real-time multiplayer match, players take turns, taking shots on the table until someone wins the game. The more games players complete, the more experience points they’ll earn, with chips being awarded to the winners of each match.


In addition to standard matches, users can also compete in cup matches and practice matches to increase their skills. While playing, users have access to a helpful trajectory line when lining up their shot. From there, it’s a matter of choosing the ball to hit and the power behind the shot (determined by clicking and dragging the mouse).

Gamers unlock additional pool halls as they level up, and can invite their Facebook friends to play at any time.

At least two more game modes are in the works for Pool Live Pro, with one being a nine-ball version of the game. Pool Live Pro is available to play for free on Facebook.