Take To The Frozen Highways In The History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers Facebook Game

The History Channel is promoting its Ice Road Truckers series through a new game on Facebook. Fans of the show get to drive their own rig and earn money, as well as challenge each other in a bid for the high score. The application’s developers have also built in plenty of opportunities for those playing the game to purchase episodes and DVDs of the series.

The game puts Facebooks users behind the wheel of their own big rig, where they pilot the 18-wheeler across frozen highways to deliver their loads, dodging obstacles along the way. Completing deliveries without causing too much damage to the truck nets users cash that can be used to purchase more fuel, repair any damages and upgrade the rig’s features to improve engine power, traction, braking or load capacity.

Users can challenge their friends to see who can rack up the most points, giving the Ice Road Truckers game a viral element that will help spread word about the television series; there’s also an option to allow The History Channel to post updates in the users’ news feeds. Users also have the option of linking to Amazon and iTunes directly from the game to purchase DVDs and episodes of the series.

The official Facebook page for the Ice Road Truckers TV series currently has 40,000 fans, and has seen steady growth. The page itself is fairly active with user posts, and it offers videos of the program and links back to the History Channel’s Web site for even more content. However, the administrators post sporadically, and there isn’t yet any mention of the game application in the wall posts.