Tai One On with a Recession Cocktail

Trader Vic’s in Chicago has reopened with rave reviews, just in time for the recession cocktails that bartenders nationwide are prepping to woo thrifty Americans out of their homes and into the bars. We personally like the idea of a Bourbon Bailout, a libation accompanied by a postcard asking patrons’ opinions on whether their retirement accounts are half-empty or half-full. Great take on a depressing topic. Back to Trader Vic’s. It had been closed after 48 years at the Palmer House Hilton three years ago. It’s now in the spot of Arnie’s restaurant. It should do well in the eyes of Chicago Tribune critic Phil Vettel: “This Trader Vic’s is a thinking man’s tiki bar.” Indeed, the tiki-decorated dining room should be a welcome respite for locals who are either stranded by winter storms now or simply cannot afford to head to Hawaii like our president-elect, who also calls the Windy City home.