Did Someone Shut Off the Lights In Taegan Goddard’s Cloakroom?

A tipster wrote in after noticing his blog at The Week has been dark for more than a month.

Launched in January when Taegan Goddard joined the publication as editor-at-large, The Cloakroom never really developed into the “daily political blog” Dylan Byers at Politico said it was meant to be—at most, Goddard posted every few days. In May he posted just three times, the last on the 22nd. Nothing in June or July so far.

For his part, Goddard actually said he’d use The Cloakroom for deeper dives into political news that deserved it… if only something had happened in politics last month that would’ve caught his attention.

Well, if just to put our tipster at ease, nothing nefarious or even dramatic is going on. Goddard told FishbowlDC he’s just been out of the country, in Africa actually, and that new content should start appearing on The Cloakroom this week. Probably more than a few will be happy to hear that. Some of his posts had comment counts in the triple digits.

But, if you need your Goddard fix nowPolitical Wire, the site he founded more than a decade ago, is still hopping with daily posts, as is his @politicalwire Twitter account.