Taco Bell Teams Up With TikTok on TV Spot for Its New Triplelupa

It was shot in full-screen vertical-video format

The Triplelupa marks Taco Bell’s first ever tear-apart menu item Taco Bell
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Taco Bell teamed up with TikTok on a national television campaign backing the debut of the fast-food chain’s Triplelupa.

The spot was shot using TikTok’s full-screen vertical-video format, and Taco Bell said it “follows the creative, unexpected and joyful content the TikTok community is celebrated for.”

The Triplelupa marks Taco Bell’s first ever tear-apart menu item. It combines three mini chalupas to create the longest shell in the chain’s history, with nacho cheese on one end, chipotle on the other and a combination of the two, cheesy chipotle, in the middle.

Taco Bell

It will be available for a limited time in participating restaurants nationwide March 12, starting at $3.49.

Taco Bell senior vice president of brand engagement Tracee Larocca said in an email, “When I look back at our history with social trends, I’m proud of the fact that we are always leading the industry and pushing boundaries. Whether it’s being the first on new platforms, or breaking records on others, Taco Bell is constantly at the forefront of online trends. The most natural next step for us would be to partner with a brand like TikTok, one with reinvention at their core, in order to bring the Triplelupa campaign to life.”

Taco Bell

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