Taco Bell Earns Bad PR for ‘Inspired’ Breakfast Taco

Just go with it...call it a "taco"

Menu_Breakfast_2014_BVegans and fitness nuts, you may want to turn away.

Taco Bell has been busy reinvigorating its menu. First, they hired celebrity chef Lorena Garcia to show its menu was the real thing. Next, the invention of “the next generation of breakfast” became a thing.

But that wasn’t good enough.

(Possibly) inspired by KFC’s decision to bring about the fall of man with “Double Down,” Taco Bell dove deeper into the diabetes game with…the new Chicken Biscuit Taco?

taco-bell-chicken-biscuit-taco“Consumers tell me they don’t even have time to make cereal,” says [Taco Bell CEO Chris] Niccol, 41. “We look at breakfast among the fastest-growing day-parts in fast food.”

That’s cool, but Niccol can’t really explain why this novel take on morning chow isn’t really a taco at all. He basically admits to Bloomberg that he has no idea whether it will become popular and that his company is just breaking out a new widget for the headlines:

“The Biscuit Taco is going to get people to rethink their morning routine. When you do things that people don’t see coming, those are the types of products that get people talking.”

If that routine involves grabbing two Tums en route to Starbucks, then yes, rethinking and talking will happen.

In the meantime, this is the key question: