Tablet Sales Grew 75% Globally in Q4 2012

Tablet sales grew by a whopping 75 percent, reaching 46.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to new metrics from market research company Canalys. The company found the Apple led the market for worldwide tablet shipments owning 20 percent of the market share and shipping 27 million PC units. To put this in perspective, one in six PCs that shipped in 2012 was an iPad.

During the fourth quarter, Amazon shipped 4.6 million Kindle Fires, which was up 18 percent. Most of these sales came from international orders as shipments reportedly declined in the U.S. In Q4 2012, Google shipped 2.6 million Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 products and Samsung shipped 7.6 million pads, an increase of 226 percent.

Here is more from Canalys: “Canalys estimates that the mini made up over half of Apple’s total pad shipments, with its attractive price point and compact design leading to significant cannibalization in the iPad range and wider PC market. Despite record shipments, Q4 saw Apple’s pad share dip to 49%, becoming the first quarter it has not controlled over half the market.”