T-Mobile's Android OS 3.0 LG G-Slate Will be Available Before Dell's Streak 7

Video courtesy of TMobile

Hmm, I thought buying my first Android tablet would be easy: Just wait for Motorola’s Xoom which will sold by Verizon Wireless. But, it looks like buying an Android tablet running Honeycomb (OS 3.0) is going to be very difficult after all. The T-Mobile LG G-Slate (see video embedded above) looks pretty good too.

T-Mobile and LG Mobile Phones Announce Their First 4G Android 3.0 Powered Tablet – T-Mobile G-Slate With Google (T-Mobile press release)

T-Mobile press release doesn’t provide any technical specifications other than the G-Slate will work with their 4G wireless data network. It does note that the tablet will be cable of video and voice chat indicating it probably has a front-facing camera. T-Mobile also says that T-Mobile is proud to add a new milestone in the evolution of the Android platform with our first 4G tablet powered by Android 3.0. I’m interpreting this to mean that the G-Slate will appear before Dell’s Streak 7 does. Note that the 4G enabled Dell Streak 7 will ship with Android OS 2.2 (see the next ThinkMobile blog item).