T-Mobile Using Qik To Compete With Facetime

T-Mobile is running a full-court press on the mobile provider market this Christmas shopping season, with a flurry of announcements of new phones and services. Within the last couple of weeks they have announced four low-priced (with rebate) smartphones, an affordable tethering plan, and the high end myTouch 4G that runs Android. T-Mobile is starting to advertise their upgraded data network as being 4G and has launched an ad that directly calls out AT&T’s network as being a weight around the iPhone’s neck.

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G includes T-Mobile Video Chat, based on Qik, that is targeted right at Apple’s Facetime. T-Mobile Video chat works over T-Mobile’s network as well as WiFi and is integrated with the Android address book and shows you whether your contacts are online and available for video chat. The myTouch 4G is capable of using T-Mobile’s upgraded high speed data service, which enables it to support the integrated video chat on the phone. You will also be able to leave video “voice mail like” messages, which Facetime does not support because it doesn’t have the back-end servers like Qik. Unfortunately, one thing keeping T-Mobile Video Chat from being a home run is that it doesn’t work with Skype, which is probably the most used desktop computer video chat application.