T-Mobile Updates Android My Account App

T-Mobile has been providing the free My Account Android app for their customers pretty much ever since they started selling phones running Android. The My Account app provides information about your T-Mobile account such as how many minutes are used and remaining and how many text messages have been sent. You can see an overview of your current plan, access billing information, and set alerts for minute usage, message usage, and payment reminders.

I’ve always found the My Account app to be frustrating because it did not work on Wi-Fi networks. When I asked T-Mobile about this they said it was a security feature because access is controlled by the phone’s connection to their network. The new version now works on Wi-Fi and because it doesn’t ask for a login id I assume it is using information on the SIM card to identify the account. My remaining gripe is that the app, which takes up 1.05 MB of storage, cannot be moved to the SD card. The My Account app is available in the Android Market for T-Mobile customers.