T-Mobile Beta Testing Voice Plus Service

T-Mobile is showing G1 owners a little love by inviting them to participate in an exclusive beta test of a new set of services they are calling Voice Plus. While current testing only involves G1 owners, it is pretty likely that T-Mobile will roll these services out for all of their Android phones, if not all of their smartphones. The services being beta tested include:

– Call Divert: Send select phone numbers directly to voicemail without ringing your phone.

– Call Defer: Let callers know that you are busy, and when is a convenient time to call you back. This service can also send text messages acknowledging the call.

– Visual Voicemail: I assume this is the same visual voicemail service that T-Mobile has had for some time.

– City ID: This service will add caller’s city and state information to the id of incoming calls.

If you are a G1 owner you can sign up to participate in the beta testing. I can see how these services could be very useful, and I am looking forward to being able to use them with my phone.