T-Mobile Announced 42Mbps Wireless Data Service Available in 2011

T-Mobile USA was the last of the big four U.S. wireless carriers to provide 3G service. But, there are not messing around with their 4G wireless data service (HSPA+) marketing. They are in the battle and taking no prisoners. Here’s T-Mobile USA’s latest PR salvo.

T-Mobile Offers Fastest Wireless Data Performance in Top 100 Markets

This claim is interesting and will be the subject of much debate (mostly by its competitors). But, the claim in their press release’s subject line is not what interested me the most about the announcement. This sentence fragment was the most interesting, in my opinion:

it’s only going to get faster as we upgrade our network to offer 42Mbps capability in 2011

42Mbps wireless data in 2011? That’s what T-Mobile USA says they have planned. Now, let’s see if they can deliver it and provide it for a reasonable monthly recurring cost.