SyFy for iPad: Program Info + Connect with Show Stars Live Via Twitter or Facebook

Some of you may remember SyFy as the SciFi Channel, home to both original and rerun science fiction, fantasy and reality programming. SyFy has a free iPad app that provides program schedules, program information, video clips, photos and something called SyFy Connect that promises to Connect with your favorite stars during the show. These Connect Events will work through Twitter or Facebook.

SyFy for iPad (iTunes App Store)

Several of SyFy’s hit shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 recently started a new season. So, the app is a useful way to reconnect with those shows. It also has a special section for events at Comic-Con 2011 which swings into full gear in San Diego starting today.

I found the app to be a bit unstable on my iPad 2. It crashed and exited unexpectedly several times. However, when it worked, it provided interesting information and video clips.