SXSWi ’08: Zuckerberg Reacts to Own Interview Trainwreck

Hustling, post-liveblog, to our 5pm panel of choice, we saw what initially looked like just another cluster of chit-chatters on the SXSW floor. Lo and behold, it was this afternoon’s keynote speaker, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. We got his thoughts on what went down in the keynote heard ’round the world [of Austin, Texas].

“I feel really bad for Sarah,” he told us, when we revealed we’d liveblogged the session. One of the dozen people who came up to snap pictures with him while we spoke mentioned length as an issue. “Right about the time when Sarah thought it was over is when it should have ended,” Zuckerberg said [by our clock, no more than 35 mintues in].

The invitation stands, Mark: May 20-21, Mediabistro Circus. We’ll treat you to a real interview there.