Swype Now Comes to Android Tablets

Long-awaited Swype’s tablet keyboard for Android has been released.  The keyboard comes with the same slide-to-type functionality famous on Android phones. With slide-to-type you don’t need to tap individual keys, instead you simply have to trace your finger along from one key to next and Swype smartly figures out what you are trying to write. Those who have tested the beta release on their Honeycomb tablets are calling it a dream combination.

Unlike the stock Honeycomb keyboard, Swype’s tablet keyboard gives you a host of long-press options to interchange between numbers, alphabets, symbols and punctuations.

The keyboard app also has correction for tap-to-type, giving you a whole bunch of options for different style selection. Further the keyboard can be resized and moved around the screen. To conclude, the keyboard app has everything one could imagine in a tablet environment.

This is how it looks.


Here is the picture of numeric mode

The app is still in pre-sale and it is not available in the Android market. Nevertheless, you can download the Swype 3.0 beta for free at Swype’s website.