Sweepstakes Brings Millions of Facebook Users to Oodle’s Marketplace

Online classifieds company Oodle has been running Facebook’s Marketplace application for more than a year, but until last week it has not been seeing a lot of traffic. The company changed all that, however, during an 8-day giveaway earlier this month. Each day, it offered either a Google phone or a gaming console as a prize, and asked people to “One-Click Enter.”

The result, as we’ve been tracking, is that the app has surged from a pretty steady 3.52 million monthly active users to more than 10 million, and from 143,000 daily active users to around 800,000 — although AppData‘s stats are a little delayed here, so the final numbers are a few days old. In any case, the sweepstakes pretty clearly brought far more people in the short-term, and maybe it will provide a longer-term boost?

One question is how the sweepstakes followed Facebook’s promotions guidelines. Once a user had entered the Marketplace promotion, they’d get the option to invite more friends, and earn themselves an additional contest entry for each friend who participates. Section 4.2 of the guideline says that “you will not condition entry to the promotion upon taking any action on Facebook.” If each entry that a user has is considered unique, then every one of their entries after the first one was conditioned on inviting a friend. However, Oodle tells us it cleared the promotion with Facebook first, so we’re interested to see what other promotions use a similar technique.

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