Swansea City partners with Nexon

Welsh pro soccer club Swansea City today announced it’s teaming up with Nexon Korea for a commercial partnership that will see Nexon granted exclusive marketing rights to the club’s games.

This new partnership will also see the Nexon brand displayed on Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium on game days, and “the two parties will work closely together on staging various promotions over the course of the year-long agreement.”

The announcement was made on Swansea City’s official site, with club vice-chariman Leigh Dineen noting Nexon’s strong presence in Korea and making a general statement about how the partnership will help further the club’s presence in the ASEAN region. Specific details for the deal, as well as any future plans regarding a possible Swansea City social and/or mobile game franchise, weren’t mentioned in the announcement.

Soccer is a popular sport in Korea, and online soccer games are proving major hits in the country. According to Electronic Arts, over 80 percent of the company’s teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19-years-old play FIFA Online 2. Nexon is also involved with the FIFA franchise, as it partnered with EA to publish FIFA Online 3 in the country.