Survey suggests Facebook advertising benchmarks: $0.80 CPC, 0.041 percent CTR

Facebook advertisers see an average cost per click of $0.80 and average clickthrough rate of 0.041 percent, according to a survey released today by Social Fresh.

The survey of 347 advertisers found that respondents who worked for an agency had higher average CTR than vendors and marketers who worked directly for brands. Advertisers who promoted content on Facebook saw higher CTR and lower CPC than those who drove traffic to third-party sites. This information can help other marketers benchmark their own Facebook ad performance.

For advertisers driving traffic to Facebook pages and apps, average CPC was $0.70. Ads leading off-Facebook averaged $1.08 CPC. This supports findings from TBG Digital, which found that even when CTR was the same, Facebook charged an average 45 percent less per click for ads that kept users within its ecosystem than those that didn’t. TBG Digital’s report, however, did not provide actual numbers for CTR or CPC.

Social Fresh’s survey found that respondents who work for an agency reported the highest clickthrough rates at 0.049 percent, while brand employees had average clickthrough rates of 0.038 percent. It’s unclear whether the disparity is the result of differing tactics, budgets or category being advertised. Facebook ad performance can vary by industry, which might have affected the results here. It’s also possible agencies produce stronger creative or have more experience with bid-based ad platforms.

The 21 percent of respondents who worked with a Facebook ad representative had an average CPC of $0.78, compared to $0.83 for those who didn’t. Advertisers who worked with Facebook reps also reported a slightly higher average CTR at 0.05 percent. Advertisers who did not work with a rep and averaged a 0.04 percent CTR.

According to Social Fresh, a social media education company, the survey respondents represented a range of industries including software, retail, e-commerce and consumer package goods. There were 43 Fortune 500 brands represented in the survey. Respondents have an average 8.3 years of marketing experience and two years of Facebook advertising experience. CPC and CTR data was self-reported.

The full Social Fresh report, including more information about marketers’ goals, targeting, creative and ad management, can be downloaded here.