Survey About Mobile Video Apps Says: Free is Good. Social Interaction Not That Important

In a study conducted by Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing I noted one significant finding that the place people view video on mobile devices was right at home. Nielsen provided information on another interesting aspect of the study on its own website that:

Consumers Say Free/Low Cost Is Most Important When Choosing Mobile Video Apps

As noted in Nielsen’s own subject line, 63% of respondent’s state that “Free/low subscription rates” was “very important.” Another 23% chimed it that is was “somewhat important” bringing the combined “important” stratus to 86%. “Wide genre availability” and “User-friendly interface” were a close second and third in importance.

Readers of may find it surprising that a mere 17% of respondents said that “social interaction features” were “very important.” Another 25% said it was “somewhat important” bring the combined percentage to 42%. 18% said it was “not important at all” while 15% said it was “somewhat unimportant.” The combined percentage for “unimportant” is, then, 33%.