Survey: 36% of Marketers Concerned About Ad Fraud, Unsure How it Happens

Most content marketers are aware that ad fraud could impact their businesses but don't really know what to do about it.

Bot traffic is a serious problem for publishers and platforms alike. Publishers have difficulty verifying that their ad dollars are actually bring in worthwhile ROI, and networks are working hard to try and push out the fraud cutting into their bottom line.

A survey of industry professionals from eZanga, a provider or ad fraud prevention tools, and content marketing firm Emerging Insider, examines how top industry professionals feel about fraud, and how they’re reacting to it.

When asking these professionals which aspects of media quality were most important, ad fraud was among the top three concerns, following targeting and transparency. 36.67 percent of survey respondents said they were concerned by fraud, but said they were unaware how or if it was occurring during their efforts. Only 10 percent weren’t concerned at all by fraud.

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When working with vendors and forming partnerships, their level of investment concerning fraud was ranked as a ‘very important’ factor by 30 percent of respondents. An additional 30 percent said it was important but not a deciding factor, and 26.67 percent said it was at least somewhat important.

The two biggest fraud mechanisms encountered by ad campaigns were ad re-targeting, and lead conversion fraud. Additionally, 23.33 percent of respondents knew they had been a victim of fraud, but were unaware of how they had been affected, which seems to be a chronic problem in the industry.

Twenty percent of respondents didn’t know if they had lost money because of fraud, or if they had been victims of fraud at all. Another 20 percent were aware they were victims, but could not determine how much money the fraud had cost them. Yet another 20 percent suspected that they had lost between $5,000 and $10,000.

When it comes to tools that combat fraud, professionals aren’t particularly happy with what is available. Less than 10 percent fully agreed that detection and prevention software offered appropriate security for their campaigns, despite the fact that 66 percent of respondents use one or more vendors to supply them with solutions.

Readers: How often have you experienced ad fraud?