Survey: 22% of Ad/PR Agency CEOs Expect Client Budget Increases in Q4


“Cautiously optimistic” is a phrase many PR and advertising agency CEOs have been using when asked about their thoughts on chances for industry rebound in Q4 2009 and beyond. A new global survey of agency CEOs by Worldwide Partners Inc. and ECCO International Communications network backs up these claims. The highlights, via Adweek:

22 percent said they expect client budgets to increase during the rest of this year, vs. 34 percent anticipating further cutbacks.

76 percent of those polled said clients had reduced their 2009 spending through September.

78 percent of respondents said their clients were ‘more optimistic’ about the business climate in their region than at the beginning of the year.

76 percent said clients had stopped making annual budgetary commitments due to economic pressures in 2009.

65 percent said they expect staff levels to hold steady.

24 percent think staffing will increase.

In North America, 71 percent said they expect the head count to hold steady through the rest of 2009, and 29 percent think it will rise.

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[image: AMagill/Flickr]